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All you ever wanted to know about backing an up and comming  race team..........and more!


Team GBG F2 Sidecar Racing is funded by our small hardworking team and finding the money to go racing is a challange to say the least.  Any money donated to the team will be spent on the bike or entry fees for meetings.

How much does it cost to sponsor our team ?

You can sponsor Team GBG F2 Racing from as little £100.00 ( this will get your name or company logo on the bike.

The normal amount donated is £250.00 as this will pay for a tyre or race entry. ( this will get you a larger sticker on the bike and you name or company logo on this page with a link to you company website

a)    Motorcycle Sidecar to display Company name and logo in one or several positions as available. (Major sponsorship would include Sidecar, Race wear, Awning/hospitality suite and Transporter in your Companies colours).

b) Team to wear Company logo on race ware (Overalls, shirts, hats etc).

c) Company name displayed on the Transporter.

d) Motorcycle Sidecar available for exhibitions, shows, open evenings, press days

Additional promotion opportunities could include inspection /viewing during pre race pit sessions by your customers Etc (providing that these do not clash with our race calendar).

Promotional days for your customers or employees at various prestigious motor sport venues in the UK and throughout Europe.

Corporate and promotional events. If required we can supply a non tuned reduced specification sidecar, painted in you companies colours to add impact to displays in showrooms and exhibitions.


1. Cheaper than a press advertisement.

Your name and logo can be displayed for a full year at varying venues.

2. Roving Billboard.

Sidecars are very fast eye-catching roving billboards, allied with the team transporters which travel tens of  thousands of miles by road throughout a season carrying your corporate identity.

3. Car Decals.

Car stickers bearing the logo of the sponsor and a charging Sidecar can be both striking and effective.

4. Centre of attraction.

Crowds of spectators are drawn to the pits area, attracted by the variety and novelty of sidecars on show before and after races. The team offer a leaflet dispenser and advertising board placed outside the viewing area of the pit.

5. Commentaries.

Commentators throughout the races regularly mention sidecar sponsors. Sidecars appear many times in front of spectators before during and after the race. The names of all major sponsors are mentioned in all interviews.

6. Meet other Sponsors.

Opportunities abound to meet socially the executives and guests of numerous national and local businesses, thus opening the doors to future transactions

Sponsorshp - WHATS    INVOLVED

We are actively seeking National and International companies to become involved in  our team for 2008/9.
Below are details of expected race expenditure: -

New Formula II race Chassis

(TT and National FII Competition)

New Race Spec engine
FII £5,000

Re-spraying of Bike and Trailer etc,

in Corporate Colours (allied to other sponsorship)

Fuels, Oils etc for bike,

Fuels, Oils etc for transporter,.

Engine Maintenance and Re-builds

Race fees

dependant on championship.

£600.00 per set

(1set per meeting minimum)

Your help with any number of the above costs would be very welcome and  your logo would be proportionately displayed

If you are at all interested or would like to speak to anybody,

Please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here

Comparing The Cost


The cost of advertising your company, within our sport is comparatively low when compared with other forms of trade and general press advertising.

Competing at all the major national and world super bike events means that the we are watched by many tens of thousands of spectators through the year. At the TT alone the trackside figures are upwards of 100,000 people.

 As a team which competes at the front of the grid, your logo will be noticed.

In order to get this type of exposure in other fields the cost are as follows:-

For example, on a national basis, one days full page  advertisement in the following newspapers would be in excess of: - 


 The Daily Telegraph                  £27,000        

 The Daily Express                       £23,000     

 The Daily Mail                           £20,000    

 The Times                                 £15,000

 The Guardian                           £14,000      


             As you can see, your Company name and logo could be associated with a high profile sport, for a fraction of the cost of other forms or advertising. Thus raising your companies profile and enjoying the benefits of the motorsport  events along the way.

Team GBG F2 Sidecar Racing, Paul Bateman, Neil Gregory,Sidecar Racing,

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